Who We Are

You've probably already seen one of the tens of millions of products we've sold — you just didn't know it! Licensed Prints-Signs products are available at these approved sites. Many of these 40 sites address a particular niche, with a product line that is both comprehensive and authoritative. Each site has it's own personality.

Our Vision

Prints-Signs is committed to making signs that ensure the protection, respect & safety of others. Make it easy to order the perfect sign.

Our Values

Prints-Signs has donated tens of thousands of signs to colleges and schools as well as to non-profits such as the Wounded Warrior Project, 911 Memorial, TakeNoBullies, and TransportationAlternatives. Prints-Signs has been a pioneer in developing signage in bathrooms that support the rights of people who identify as transgender and has donated transgender toilet signs to churches, hospitals, libraries, food coops and public schools. With offices in India and Brooklyn, Prints-Signs values creativity, innovation and diversity in worldview.